It has been a good week for Tesla.

Missouri Scraps Tesla Ban 1

Tesla recharged: Assembly panel to take up bill to allow sales in NJ stores |

New Jersey’s proposed legislation has two interesting provisions. The bill will allow direct sales by any manufacturer as long as the vehicles have zero emissions.2 And, as long as the manufacturer opens at least one service center in the state for the servicing of a zero emissions vehicle.

Porsche lists only nine dealers in New Jersey. So, I don’t think being limited to four stores puts Tesla at that much of a disadvantage.

As far as service centers go, I wonder if Tesla would be able to count their battery swap centers. If Tesla had to they could very easily modify the battery swap center into a qualifying service center. Electric vehicles don’t need hardly any service or maintenance.

Tesla might be winning in Missouri and New Jersey

  1. For the next year and then it will need to be revisited.

  2. Well, they can have four stores. It’s a start.

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