My teaching interests include investments, financial markets and institutions, and financial management. Below is a list of the courses that I am currently teaching.

Personal Finance (FIN 300)

General principles and techniques of finance as applied to personal business transactions and the management of personal funds. Finance majors may not count this course as a finance elective.

Business Finance (FIN 315)

A survey course covering corporate financial management. Basic concepts such as interest rates, time value of money, cost of capital, and risk are discussed and applied to stock, bond and long-term investment valuation. Guidelines are developed for corporate financial decision-making in the areas of capital structure policy, dividend policy, long-term financing, corporate control, and working capital management. The impact of ethical considerations and global financial markets are discussed.

Investments (FIN 420)

Survey of the characteristics of investment alternatives and the investment environment, including market operations and regulations, sources and uses of information, and an introduction to capital market theory.

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (FIN 421)

The development of the theory and practice of security analysis and portfolio management. Security analysis involves the fundamental determination of security values through economic, industry, and firm analysis. Portfolio management addresses asset selection and allocation for the construction and maintenance of portfolios that meet specific investment objectives in a risk-return context.

Student Managed Investment Fund I/II (FIN 425/426)

This is the first/second in a sequence of two courses wherein students manage a real portfolio of securities. The selected students research the prospective investments, generate reports, and make decisions to buy or sell the securities. Administrative responsibilities are assigned and analyst teams are formed.