I don’t use a case on my iPhone or on my iPad. I feel like there has been a significant amount of design and engineering that went into the devices in order to make them thin and light.

Last year I went looking for a car mounting kit. I am not a big fan of anything that is clunky, obstructs my view of the road, or requires suction cups of any kind.

I came across these little guys…

Steelie Car Mount Kit for Cellphones and Steelie HobKnob Kit for tablets and cellphones.

I was highly skeptical at first that I would like them. But after I watched a few videos I was sold. My biggest concern was how large the magnet would be and feel. I find that I don’t notice them at all.

After almost eighteen months of using them as a mounting device for my iPhone and iPad I would highly recommend them to anyone.

PS – Magnets do not bother modern electronics. Your iPad has magnets built into it. That’s how the Smart Covers work.

Have you seen my iPhone?
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