I have recently redesigned the appearance of my site and its associated blog. This was motivated by my displeasure with the background color of the blog. That is how it always starts; isn’t it? I went into the site with the idea of fixing the color and ended up dramatically overhauling the entire site. In my defense, the overhaul was motivated by the fact that I came across some information on making a responsive site. A responsive site is a site that dynamically adjusts the content to fix whatever sized screen the visitor is using. I am really happy with the redesign and I feel cutting edge with my responsive site.

After I completed the redesign I was sitting back looking at the color scheme wondering where I had seen it in the past. It struck me that the colors knock of a special edition Taking Back Sunday record (I’m talking actual vinyl people) that I bought as a teenager. Take the record (top photo) and mix it with the CD cover (bottom photo) and that gets pretty close to the theme of my site.

Thanks TBS! I will Tell All (My) Friends.

Website redesign
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