Reviewing my Big Jambox

About 18 months ago I purchased a Big Jambox. The Big Jambox is a bluetooth speaker with an integrated battery. It is larger than pocketable speakers and gives a much better sound. Now that I have spent a considerable amount of time with it I can highly recommend it to anyone.1

Battery Life – The battery life for this speaker is amazing. Officially it is rated for 15 hours of playback. But, I regularly get more than 17 hours on one charge even when playing the speaker at high volumes.

Design – The Big Jambox is beautifully designed. Mine has the Graphite Hex design. You can also get it in red, white platinum, and white.

Sound Quality – The sound quality of the Big Jambox is superb. It easily sounds as good as any offering by Bose. I have used the Big Jambox in rooms as large as 25′ by 75′ with more than 25 people and it could have handled an even larger space.

Versatile – The speaker has may be paired with any bluetooth device or use a 3.5mm stereo cable, so you can use the speak with just about any device. Being battery powered and bluetooth enabled means you can put the speaker just about anywhere. I frequently bring it with me, whether I am in the house, backyard, or garage. This versatility plus its high sound quality means the speaker can replace much more expensive multi-room speaker setups like Sonos.

Large – It is a little large. And, at 2.71 pounds, it is a little heavy too. What this means is that you really have to make a conscience decision to bring it with you if you go out.

Mesh Grill – The exterior of the speaker is entirely made of a mesh grill, so you will have to be careful to prevent dust and other particles (just hunk about a sandy day at the beach) from getting inside the speaker.

I would highly recommend this speaker to anyone for around the house or portable music playing. At the time of this writing, you can find it at Amazon starting at $190.

  1. The Wirecutter also recommended this speaker as best in its class.

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